Thursday, June 08, 2023

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                                                  (Sunset, Monroe, MI, June 7, 2023)

Near the end of July Linda and I will fly to New York City. I'll be speaking and teaching at Faith Bible Church of Flushing, and Faith Bible Seminary. My seminary class is "Marriage, Parenting, and Sexuality: A Pastoral Perspective." (See the course description below.) We are looking forward to seeing many of our dear friends at Faith Bible Church, to include John and Rosie Hao, Greg Woo, and Daniel Wang.

Linda will do some co-teaching with me. As we prepare, we are both reading Holy Sexuality and the Gospel: Sex, Desire, and Relationships Shaped by God's Grand Story, by Christopher Yuan. It's a beautiful, helpful book.

Here's the course description.

Flushing, New York City
July 24-27
9 AM - 3 PM EST

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Christians in the Western world are under pressure to conform to the perspectives of a post-Christian worldview. In today's Western culture, liberal, progressive, postmodern, and secular views of "sex" are increasingly at odds with orthodox biblical theology. This course will focus on how to respond to issues related to "sex" in marriage, parenting, and the church. In the course we will:

  • Present the orthodox, biblical position on issues of human sexuality 
  • Explain the terms: 'liberal'; 'progressivist'; 'postmodern'; 'secular'
  • Present liberal/progressive/secular perspectives on human sexuality 
  • Equip students to understand and defend the orthodox position on human sexuality 
  • Equip students and pastoral leaders how to navigate these issues, in love, and in truth 
  • Equip parents on how to guide their children through the moral wilderness that is Western culture 
  • Equip students with resources that lovingly and truthfully present a biblical view of human sexuality
  • Share resources that can be used, in a church contret, for: Children's ministry, Youth ministry, Young Adult ministry, Adult ministry

Instructor: John Piippo, PhD