Monday, November 14, 2022

Discovering Jesus this Christmas - Video Series (Free)


                                (Christmas Eve Candlelight and Communion service at Redeemer)

Pastor and Leaders,

Beginning December 2 I'll be posting the first of twenty-three videos on the Real Jesus.

Videos are from five to eleven minutes long.

This could be a discipling resource for your people.

These brief videos could serve to raise the Jesus literacy in your church family.

It's free.

Videos will be posted, from Dec. 2 to December 25, daily.

Below are the topics.

I'm the presenter.


John Piippo



Twenty-three videos

John Piippo


12/2 – The Incarnation

12/3 – Jesus Is Agent of Creation

12/4 – The Virginal Conception

12/5 – Jesus Descended Into Greatness

12/6 - Jesus’ Birth Was an Act of War

12/7 – Jesus Was a Techie Who Grew Up in Galilee

12/8 – Jesus Is Emmanuel, God With Us

12/9 – Jesus Is Fully God and Fully Human

12/10 – Jesus Was a Jew Who Wore Torah on His Sleeve

12/11 – Jesus Is King

12/12 – The Method of Jesus

12/13 – Jesus Mentored Twelve Disciples

12/14 – Jesus Was a Miracle Worker

12/15 – Jesus Was Baptized by John the Baptizer

12/16 – The Identity of Jesus

12/17 – Jesus Taught About the Kingdom of God

12/18 – Jesus Is After the Human Heart

12/19 – Jesus Cast Out Demons

12/20 – Jesus’s Views on Money Were Negative

12/21 – Jesus Had a Preferential Option for the Least of These

12/22 – Jesus Restored Purity Outside the Sacrificial System

12/23 – Jesus Reinterpreted the Jewish Festivals in Terms of Himself

12/24 – Jesus Is Lord of the Sabbath