Tuesday, April 25, 2023

In the Culture Wars, Our Job Is to Be Faithful


Robert P. George is one of my intellectual heroes (author; Prof. of Law, Princeton). Here is an interview with George, on the spiritual and intellectual battles we are fighting against deeply entrenched woke-ism (which he calls a fundamentalist and increasingly militant pseudo-religion) and secular progressive ideology. (For an excellent article on wokeism as religion, see "Wokeness and the New Religious Establishment.")

George closes the interview by quoting Richard John Neuhaus, as a reminder of the perspective we must keep.

“Remember, our job is to be faithful—ever faithful—standing boldly and fighting for what’s right; the victory will surely come, but its timing and terms are not up to us. The victory will come in God’s time and on his terms. We must stick to doing our job, and not try to do His. We are merely His instruments. So, however dark things may seem, never yield to despair. Leave the timing and terms of the victory to God. Be faithful—ever faithful.”

Remember, as Mother Teresa said,