Monday, May 20, 2019


(I wrote these reminders to myself many years ago. I put them on an email, and sent the email to myself, periodically. I called it "REMEMBER." Because I can forget. I'm posting this, mostly for myself.)

Be myself. Be who God made me to be, with all my strengths and infirmities.    
Overcome denial.
Overcome fear & intimidation.
Overcome addiction
Do not compare...
Stimulate the mind with intellectually challenging reading. 
Physically exercise
Get outside and ponder God's creation
Listen to excellent music
Write beautiful worship songs
Remember blessings
Enjoy Linda, Dan, Josh 
God works all things together for good!
Live in gratitude
Remember - you're not alone
Eat well
Pray about struggles
Enter deeply into God's presence
Know the Father's love
Play the guitar
Lead worship with passion
Preach with passion and excellence
Teach brilliantly
Don't lose your joy
Lead with confidence
Mentor with great discernment...
Counsel others

Write the books

Take beautiful photographs
Love others deeply