Thursday, April 02, 2020

This Is a Time of Opportunity

While talking with a friend this morning, we both agreed that, while the virus and economic meltdown is shaking the planet and causing pain to many, even those we love, when it's over we're not wanting things to go back to what they were. Which was a secular, utilitarian, amoral, materialistic, narcissistic (and more) culture that even seduced churches.

We are praying for a great awakening in churches. For revival to purge God's people from consumer-entertainment religion that metricizes everything, including "success," and produce the following.

(Michael Brown)
Not a weekend meeting.

Not something ordinary and expected.

Not something reducible to human talents and ability.

A lasting visitation of God.

That touches and changes hearts and calls Christians to repentance.

That makes all things new.

That produces real growth (converts), not pseudo growth (Christians leaving one church for another).

That transforms communities.

That humbles narcissistic leaders.

And rocks our nation.

My questions remain. 

What not you? 

Why not us? 

Why not your church? 

Why not now?