Monday, June 04, 2018

Steve Backlund Messages at Redeemer - Now Online

Worship art by N.G. in Redeemer sanctuary

We were so blessed at Redeemer to have Steve Backlund with us two weeks ago. Just today one of our church's leaders, who has been to many conferences, told me "The Backlund conference was the best one I have ever been to in my life." Could be, for me and Linda too!

One result is that we are joining, as a church family, Steve in his "30-Day Declarations experiment."

Here are Steve's five messages. 

Backlund #1, Friday night, June 18.

Backlund #2, Saturday morning, June 19.

Backlund #3, Saturday evening, June 19.

Backlund #4, Sunday morning, June 20.

Backlund #5, Sunday evening, June 20. 

#s 4 and 5 coming soon!