Monday, March 18, 2019

A Letter to Women

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(Warren Dunes State Park, Michigan)
This post is for the women who attended our conference this past weekend. 

You just had a beautiful, powerful time together. I have heard from many of you, about great things God was doing in you. Praise God! 

Now, it's Monday morning. The conference is over. But the Holy Spirit is not over. What do you do today? Here are my thoughts - blessings!

1. Continue to abide in Christ. Live an abiding life. Connect, today and tomorrow, with Jesus. For how to do this, read John chapters 14-15-16, slowly. 

For my counsel on this, read "How to Experience God's Presence," which is chapter six of my book Leading the Presence-Driven Church

2. Take alone-time with God. Read from the four Gospels. Open your Bible to the book of Proverbs, and slow-cook in the wisdom deposited there.  

Check out Dallas Willard's excellent devotional guide Hearing God Through the Year. Anyone who wants to learn and grow in hearing God should get this book!

3. Reflect on the things God told you and accomplished in you on the weekend. For me, the days after an intense God-conference are for deepening the truths I heard and received. Some of these are reminders, course-correcting truths. There are also some new insights given to me. Write them down in your journal. Carry them with you during the week. Meditate on them.

4. Share with others what God is doing in you and saying to you. Listen to others as they share with you. This is always so encouraging!

Abide in Jesus. Pray. Listen. Reflect. Ponder. Obey. Move forward. Expect.  

Something new, something good, something powerful, is happening in you. 

You are not the same as you were last week. 

That's called transformation.