Friday, January 11, 2019

Growing Self-Recession as Progress in the Spiritual Life

Staircase, University of Michigan

In the spiritual life smaller is better. Less of me, more of God.

Learn the joy of living in the background. Be glad to be part of the supporting cast.

One Sunday morning we were worshiping to the song "From the Inside Out." One of the lines talks about "the art of losing myself." I pulled out a 3X5 card and wrote these words down: This is the key to whatever Christ-effectiveness I shall have in this life.

Theistic philosopher Roger Scruton, in The Soul of the World, writes:

"If there is anything that could be called progress in the religious history of mankind, it resides in the gradual preference for the self over the other as the primary sacrificial victim. It is precisely in this that the Christian religion rests its moral claim." (Scruton, 2)

I am to be a living sacrifice, for the sake of others, even my enemies.

A sign of progress in spiritual formation is growing self-recession. As God becomes more and more present, we take on a ministry of absence.