Monday, February 01, 2016

Praying for Faithfulness in Small Things

Lake Erie, Sterling State Park

Today, like most days, will be a day of small things. My prayer is to be faithful in those things. I am a small person interacting with small people.

God can turn a small thing into a big thing, should he want to. It's up to him. But my focus is not to be on faithfulness in "big things." If I am not faithful in small things I cannot be trusted with big things. I don’t believe God is evaluating things by "small" and "big." Be faithful to God's calling. That's all I need to do.

Faithfulness is qualitative, not quantitative. If I fail to love those in my own environment I cannot be trusted to love others. I cannot be interested in "swimming with the big fish"; rather, I am a little fish called to swim with whomever God brings into my life.

Jesus tells us that “He who is faithful in a little” is the one who will be rewarded much.[1] C.S. Lewis put it this way. “This then is the great secret. Good and evil both grow at compound interest. That is why the SMALL things you do each day are of such infinite importance. It is the small things that will turn you into either a heavenly or hellish creature.”[2] 

Who dares despise the day of small things...[3]

[1] Luke 16:10
[2] C. S. Lewis, Mere Christianity.
[3] Zechariah 4:10