Thursday, September 17, 2015

Speak Up or Decline

Greencrest Manor, Battle Creek

It is important that Jesus' followers speak out publicly about our beliefs and trust in him. One sure way to fuel decline in Jesus-belief is to keep our mouths shut about our convictions. Remember that, while our mouths are silenced, the voices of certain evangelistic convert-seeking atheists are blaring loud and clear about their beliefs.

Refusal to publicly profess and proclaim is a sign of uncertainty and even unbelief. In an article for the American Scholar Historian James Hitchcock wrote, in 1976: 

"Groups that become diffident about their beliefs in the public forum, that renounce the desire to make converts, that profess to see broad areas of agreement between themselves and other groups and admit there are many roads to the same destination, that acknowledge the dogmatism and rigidity of their past—these are usually groups that have begun to doubt their own legitimacy at some profound level."
- In William Kilpatrick, Christianity, Islam and Atheism, Kindle Locations 3953-3956.