Tuesday, December 09, 2014

Philosophy of Religion & Western Philosophy Final Exams

For my MCCC Philosophy students:

This week's final 1-on-1 oral exams are in room A173b.

Western Philosophy Questions:

1. Hume's empiricist theory of knowledge; Hume's analysis of cause and effect.

2. Kant - how Hume woke Kant up; Kant's "Copernican Revolution"; Kant on form and matter (content).

3. Nietzsche - Nietzsche's "two moralities"; Nietzsche on the "Superman" (Ubermensch; "Overman").

Philosophy of Religion Questions:

1. Nietzsche - Spell 'Nietzsche'; the "horizon of the infinite"; the "parable of the madman."

2. Russell - Russell's "4 pillars of atheism"; the "firm foundation of unyielding despair"; free will choosing to worship goodness, not nature.

3. Craig - Craig's metaethical argument for God's existence.

4. Gould - Gould's "NOMA."