Monday, November 07, 2016

PREACHING – the DEEPER ISSUES and a few smaller matters


1.   Spend much time alone with God.
a.   Real authority comes from a person who knows Christ.
2.   The goal is formation into Christlikeness, not becoming a great preacher.
3.   Let go of the need to be liked.
a.   The basic question in not “How am I doing?”
b.   It's not my well-being or sense of value that is on the line.
c. This is not about you being "relevant" or cool.
4.   Keep on being changed yourself.
a.   Remember: you can’t change other people.
b.   Never preach towards a specific person or persons. Preach the text. Let God instruct or convict people.
5.   Forgive others for what they have done to you.
a.   If you are a hurting person you could hurt others in your preaching.
6.   Confess to others and ask for forgiveness, as needed.
7.   Be led by the Holy Spirit.
8.   Prepare all your life for the next sermon.
a.   You don’t turn on preaching like flipping a switch.
b.   A sermon will be the overflow of who you have become as a person.
9.   Be mastered by the biblical text.
a.   Authentic, authoritative preaching is not about mastering certain techniques; it is about being mastered by certain convictions.
10.     Find your own voice.
a.   Stop trying to be someone else and let God use you.
11.     Preach with authority.
a.   Speak assertively.
b.   Articulate your words clearly.
c.   Project your voice.
d.   If people can’t hear or understand you it’s a waste of time.

12.     Preach like it’s the last message you’ll ever give.

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