Friday, July 01, 2016

When the Conference is Over

Youth at our conference in Green Lake

What a great week we had with Bob Hazlett, Robby Dawkins, four American Baptist Executive Ministers (thank you Frank, Robin, Randy, and Lee), and our HSRM family!

Now it's Friday and the conference is over. All the activity and worship and spiritual and mental intake...  it's in the past. What will I do now? The answer: what I am always doing

Which is:
  1. I will Abide in Jesus tonight and tomorrow and the next day. I'll continue to be a branch connected to Jesus the Vine. "Conferences" are not what I am attached to. The same Jesus that spoke to you and me over the past few days will not stop speaking just because we're not at the conference. I have great hope and expectation tonight and tomorrow and the next day. The God-encounter is a daily thing for me, varying, of course, in clarity and intensity. But it's all real. 
  2. I will Saturate myself in Scripture. God meets me in Scripture. I am more Scripture-focused than I have ever been in all my Jesus-days. I study it and meditate on it. I ingest it and, by God's Spirit, it gets into me. I'll just keep doing this. I do not need a "conference" to do this.
  3. I will Listen for God's voice, speaking to me. When God speaks to me this week I'll write it down in my spiritual journal. God has much to tell me, tonight and tomorrow and the next day. God is not thinking, "John's no longer at the big conference so I won't speak to him in his own home and community." I think like this: today...  could be the day where God speaks to me in such ways that my life gets more transformed into a greater Christlikeness. I'm not predicting this. I also won't be shocked if it happens when I'm "not at the conference" (which was a very good one, BTW, with God speaking speaking through Todd, Robby, and Dean and some of the most moving worship I've ever experienced at Green Lake).
  4. I will Obey when the Spirit directs. I'm not going to claim absolute, perfect obedience. I am not God's perfect servant, as Jesus was. But I do obey God, and find it a delight, even if only sometimes ex post facto. A long time ago Larry Norman wrote a song called "I Am a Servant." What a great song for me to hear and cover as a young Jesus-follower! I still am God's servant; therefore transform me, O God, into greater servanthood.


Thank God for inspiring conferences, the God-intent of each one being daily, inspirational, Jesus-loving and Jesus-following and life more abundantly. (John 10:10) 

What if you missed this conference? Did you "miss out?" Not if it was not God's desire because of circumstances or another calling. Jesus didn't leave you for a week to attend the conference. 
It's all about abiding in him, being connected to him, and being where he wants you to be.

God Himself is a good conference speaker. His conferences are free (except that it will cost you everything).  

Sit at God's feet today. 

Conference with God. 

Spiritually, it gets no better than that.