Wednesday, October 11, 2017

The Presence Is More Important Than the Program (The Presence-Driven Church)

Angel, in the Detroit Institute of the Arts

Unless the program goes perfectly,
we're not going.
Moses? Exodus 30:15-16???

Anyone who wants a look at Real Church, as opposed to American Church, will do well to read A.W. Tozer.  

I'm slow-cooking in Tozer's The Root of the Righteous. Here is a quote from his chapter "The Presence More Important Than the Program."

"When we compare our present carefully programmed meetings with the New Testament we are reminded of the remark of a famous literary critic after he had read Alexander Pope’s translation of Homer’s Odyssey: He said -  “It is a beautiful poem, but it is not Homer.”

The fast-paced, highly spiced, entertaining [church] service of today may be a beautiful example of masterful programming— but it is not a Christian service. The two are leagues apart in almost every essential. About the only thing they have in common is the presence of a number of persons in one room. There the similarity ends and glaring dissimilarities begin. For one thing, the object of attention is not the same in the two meetings." (K910)

Pastors and worship teams - turn off your click tracks and behold, simmer, and slow-cook in the non-programmable beauty of the Lord's presence.

I'm now writing my book Leading the Presence-Driven Church.

My book on prayer is: Praying: Reflections on 40 Years of Solitary Conversations with God.