Thursday, December 01, 2016

The Limits of Science

Denis Alexander, in a dialogue with atheist scientist P.Z. Myers on whether or not Christianity and science contradict one another or conflict with one another, talks about the limits of science in a helpful way. Alexander is a molecular biologist and neurochemist, and a Christian theist. He says:

"There are many things science can't address. I don't think science is up to the Herculean task of trying to decide between different political systems or metaphysical systems. I don't think science tells us whether or a not a certain democracy is right. Science is brilliant at what it does; it's brilliant at answering certain kinds of questions. But there are whole areas of life such as one's personal experience that are not really publishable in scientific journals. Politics would be one... history... isn't that why we have different disciplines in different departments in our universities? It's a recognition that each discipline has its own way of justifying its beliefs. So I don 't quite see why we have to try and make everything conform to science. That seems to me like 'scientism'."

A good read on this would be Science and Its Limits, by Del Ratzsch.