Saturday, October 10, 2009

Preaching Tomorrow on...

...John 14:8-11

“Jesus manifests God’s presence and work through his signs and in his words.” (Marianne Meye, The God of the Gospel of John, 233)

“The story of God’s “indwelling” in ancient Israel is taken up and extended in the Gospel of John. The Gospel does not merely use the language of indwelling, but of mutual indwelling or mutual immanence, and does so in an extensive way.” (Jurgen Moltmann, “God in the World – the World in God: Perichoresis in
Trinity and Eschatology,” in Richard Bauckham and Carl Mosser, The Gospel of John and Christian Theology, 372)

“What is at stake here is nothing less than Jesus’ ability to provide firsthand revelation of God (cf. 1:18).” (Andreas Kostenberger, John, 431)

(Andrew "Rublev’s icon gives us a glimpse of the house of perfect love” -Henri Nouwen)