Sunday, August 30, 2009

The Facebook Exodus

I joined Facebook. Then I left Facebook. I re-joined Facebook. That's the story of my life.

I joined Facebook because I could see the pictures of Japan that Dan and Allie posted, plus a few other things.

I left Facebook because I could not stomach the voyeurism. I didn't care then and I don't care now about knowing whether Sean hates Ashleigh because she texted Jason while he was with Hannah who supposedly loves Sean.

I re-joined Facebook for the photo-thing again and a few more things I like. I just have to close my eyes when the voyeurism shows its shallow face.

Today's nytimes says there is a "Facebook Exodus." Good. As an introvert whose roots are from Finland, the fewer people the better. My hope and expectation is that one day, not too far into the future. Facebook will be old school, uncool. A few stragglers will be left, leaving Facebook with a digital terrain like northern Finland. Facebook will then be a long walk in the woods with animals and birds and few people in sight. That's what I'm looking for!