Wednesday, July 09, 2008

Night Light - Rescuing Prostitutes in Bangkok

This week Linda and I and others from our church in Monroe are at our annual summer conference in Green Lake, Wisconsin. This morning we heard a powerful, heart-breaking, and hopeful message from Annie Dieselberg, who lives in Bangkok, Thailand. Annie and her husband Jeff work, with God’s help, to pull young girls and young women out of the monstrous sex trafficking industry in Bangkok’s red light district.

Annie knows the horror these women go through who become prostitutes because their families have seemingly no other way to make money. She goes into the bars and relates to them, shining the light of God in these desperately dark invironments. Annie’s description and personal experiences are compelling and captiviating. As we listened we were totally attentive and our hearts were broken by the grasp that evil has on these women and their male customers.
God led Annie to begin a ministry to them, which she calls a “business-as-mission.” She formed a business that makes jewelry, and hires the former prostitutes to give them an income, restore their dignity, and share with them the truth that God loves and values them all.

Words fail to express how moved I was I just listened to Annie share this story. You can visit Night Light Design here, and read about this incredible from-God ministry, and see the beautiful jewelry the redeemed ex-prostitutes make, and maybe purchase some yourself.