Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Florida to Philadelphia to Monroe

I've been busy (so what else is new). Last Mon-Wed I flew to Lakeland Florida with 20 people from our church to go to the Lakeland Revival and check it out. When I got back Wed night I was dead tired.

Then my church here in Monroe did a conference with Chris Overstreet from Bethel Church in Redding California (Bill Johnson's church). For me this was a great weekend!

Today I spent 5 hours alone praying... ahhh, a very, very sweet time! I did a lot of journaling, reflecting, praying, processing.

On Friday I fly to Philadelphia to be part of Palmer Theological Seminary's commencement ceremony. I'm the Project Director for their doctoral program, and have six students receiving doctoral degrees.

Then..., on Sunday morning at Redeemer Church here in Monroe..., it's going to... EXPLODE! Because God is doing phenomenal things right now in our church.