Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Going to Israel Tomorrow

This blog will be out of commission for a while. Linda and I will leave tomorrow for 13 days in Israel. We'll land in Tel Aviv with our friends and co-pastors Josh and Beth Bentley.

We'll travel up the Mediterranean coast, ending at Toberias on the Sea of Galilee. We'll spend three days there exploring, then go for 3 days at the Dead Sea. Then, we'll end up spending 4-5 days in Jerusalem.

For us, this is a trip of a lifetime and we are so excited about going!

I don't know if I'll be making posts from Israel. But I'm sure I'll share some thoughts and experiences when I get back to Monroe.

An additional note: my wife Linda is a Jew, whose mother became a follower of Jesus. Linda as a great student of Judaism. So I think this trip will be especially significant because she'll be in tha land of her biological ancestors. As for me, I'm a follower of Jesus. Jesus was a Jew. All the things I am passionate about in the Bible originate in Israel.

So... shalom!

(I took this picture of an eagle a mile from our house. We have a lot of eagles here in Monroe, Michigan. Today I saw two. One was in a tree right next to the road a mile from us on the river. Someone was standing below the tree looking up at it. I pulled over and tried to get a picture, but it flew and circled over the river.)