Thursday, January 24, 2008

Christians Are Being Persecuted Today in India

(Valley Forge National Park)

Our church has been sending some mof our leaders to India for several years now, working in conjunction with India Bible Literature. As a church we’ve been all over the nation of India, reaching many people.
I also traveled to India once by myself, and spoke in a number of churches and villages in central India.

So, we have many friends over there. And in one of the areas we reach out to, the Indian state of Orissa, Christians are in great danger. Some have been murdered. All this by Hindu extremists. (Please pause here for a moment and give thanks for our country and the idea of freedom of religion. We don’t murder others who disagree with us.)

For the story, see this article in Christianity Today. “Over 90 churches and Christian institutions have been burned and vandalized, over 700 Christian homes destroyed, and the number of pastors and Christians killed is yet to be known…”