Monday, November 19, 2007

J. P. Moreland Accuses Evangelicals of Bibliolatry

Here's an interesting article on the recfent presentation J.P. Moreland made at the Evangelical Theological Society's annual meeting. Moreland's talk was called "How Evangelicals Became Over-Committed to the Bible and What Can Be Done About It.” The Chrsitianity Today article says: "While the average breakout session seems to be attended by fewer than 50 people, easily more than 200 packed the room to hear Moreland’s talk, with dozens standing and more listening outside the door."

Moreland accuses evangelicals of being "over-committed to the Bible." Moreland said: “In the actual practices of the Evangelical community in North America, there is an over-commitment to Scripture in a way that is false, irrational, and harmful to the cause of Christ. And it has produced a mean-spiritedness among the over-committed that is a grotesque and often ignorant distortion of discipleship unto the Lord Jesus.”

This is good, important stuff. My own take is that evangelical inerrantists hold an anachronistic view of the biblical text that distorts the actual meaning of the text. I'm more interested in the work of Keener/Witherington/N.T. Wright/et. al. who strive to hear, e.g., the authentic voice of Jesus by studying the socio-cultural environment in which Jesus spoke.

A lot of what Moreland said is found in his excellent new book Kingdom Triangle.