Friday, August 17, 2007

A Seminar: Is Jesus God the Son?

I’ll be doing a seminar at my church this Sunday evening, 7 PM - Redeemer Fellowship Church in Monroe. I’ll answer the question “Can we believe that Jesus is God the Son?

In my doctoral program at Northwestern U. one of my comprehensive exams was in an area called Christology, or the doctrine of Christ. My personal Christological studies continue to thyis very day. In my church I began, in September 2005, teaching on Sunday mornings about the Real Jesus. My personal passion is to know the Real Jesus and make him known to others.

I’ll probably post my seminar notes next week.

If you’re interested in my first two August seminars contact our church office and we’ll give you a free tape. (734-242-5277)

Session 1 - “Why It Is Rational to Believe God Exists.”

Session 2 - “How Can God Be All-Loving and All-Powerful Yet Evil Exists?”