Monday, April 16, 2007

Craig on Plantinga's "Son of Great Pumpkin Objection"

This week in my Philosophy of Religion classes I am teaching on Alvin Plantinga's argument that belief in God is rational because it is a "properly basic belief." Then, I'll teach philosopher Michael Martin's criticism of Plantinga, which has become famously known, in philosophy, as the "son of Great Pumpkin objection."

I e-mailed Dr. Plantinga last week and asked how might he respond to Martin's criticism. I was delighted that he corresponded with me about this. I'll present this to my class this week.

Today, in doing research on the "son of Great Pumpkin objection" I stumbled on this very good article by William Lane Craig on "Religious Epistemology." Craig has a nice explanatory section on Plantinga, and the notorious objection.