Monday, March 05, 2007

God Delusion #24: Dawkins vs. David Sloan Wilson

My original intent was to read through Dawkins' God Delusion and make continual posts about the book. So, I've read the thing and wonder why am I not making post after post? The answer is, I think, that I find his book mostly non-compelling and, frankly, poorly written and poorly thought-out, especially in his attempts to write philosophy and theology and, of course, in his innate despising of all who cannot see as he does.

See posts 1-23 below for some of the reasons I have for thinking this.

I think I'll stop posting on GD, except when it seems interesting to me.

Which occurred today in reading the nytimes "Darwin's God." Evolutionary biologist David Sloan Wilson argues that, adaptively, "religion enhances group fitness." Wilson is an atheist. His idea enrages Dawkins the atheist, who calls Wilson's work “sheer, wanton, head-in-bag perversity.”