Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Deepen the Life You Already Possess (PrayerLife)

What does God want me to do next? How shall I spend this week? How can my life be more effective for Christ?

The answer to these questions, as I see things, is: I will draw close to God. 

I will, as the first thing, dwell in God's presence. 

I will seek God, worship God, love God. 

I will saturate myself in the Scriptures. 

I will meditate on the things of God. 

I will abide in Christ, like a branch connected to Christ the Vine.

I will pray.

I will obey what God tells me to do. Obedience comes out of abiding prayer, otherwise it is irrelevant and inauthentic.

I like the way Thomas Merton puts this. He writes: 

"Our glory and our hope—we are the body of Christ. Christ loves us and espouses us as His own flesh. Isn’t that enough for us? But we do not really believe it. No! Be content, be content. We are the Body of Christ. We have found Him, He has found us. We are in Him, He is in us. There is nothing further to look for, except the deepening of this life we already possess. Be content." (A Year with Thomas Merton, Kindle Locations 4260-4263).

Deepen the life you already possess.